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Draw a larger audience to your website through social media marketing.


Social media used to be an entirely new facet of marketing not fully understood by businesses. Today, social media is booming and a marketing necessity for all businesses. Social media allows you to better communicate with your audience in real time, create interactive two-sided conversations between you and your followers, and share trending information with potential clients.

Many businesses lack the knowledge or resources to harness the power of social media. That is where iBoomerang comes in. We will help you grow your business through social marketing and original content creation. Our marketing team will utilize the major social media platforms in order to help you gain a following, as well as provide monthly blogging to increase traffic to your website.

This package includes eight blog posts per month and three posts per week on four social media platforms of your choice (ex: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+). We will help develop and optimize your social networking profiles and blog. As an added bonus, we will also review and monitor comments and interactions posted on multiple channels.

We will create monthly reports to showcase just how important social media and blogging is to draw more traffic to your webpage. Our marketing team will communicate with you on a regular basis and provide a monthly analysis of keywords and performance so you can see the progress being made.


What does Social Media Marketing have to offer?

Easy and Simple

Not a blogger? No worries, sit back and relax while we maintain your blog and social media with regular posts and comment monitoring.


Our marketing team will work diligently to develop your online presence with the development of your social media profiles and blog.

Routine Posts

Receive 8 routine monthly blog posts and 3 social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn) per week.


Receive monthly analytics and in depth keyword research to organically improve your search rankings.

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