Marketing Automation

No time to market your business? Let iBoomerang do it for you!


iBoomerang Marketing Automation will catapult your marketing strategy to the next level with automatic, consistent, personally branded marketing campaigns that provide real-time alerts and results.

Constantly reach your potential customers and maintain a professional reputation while your time-to-productivity is improved.

With iBoomerang Marketing Automation, you will receive personalized campaigns, website and audience tracking, social media tracking, lead alerts, and other reports without having to spend the time and effort to create and follow campaigns yourself.


What does Marketing Automation have to offer?


Real time email campaign statistics and website tracking will show who has opened your emails and visited your agent's personal websites. You will know exactly what pages were viewed and the duration of each visit.

Lead Alerts

Receive real-time campaign alerts that enable you to communicate with your prospects while your products and services are still on the top of their minds. Receive daily and weekly summary reports of your campaigns, as well as a “company level” view of who is visiting your website.

CRM & Marketing Automated Synchronization

iBoomerang Marketing Automation campaigns will automatically run based on each prospect or customer in your CRM.


Basic - Monthly


+99 one time set up fee

(additional pricing available for agencies)

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Additional Pricing

Under Company License
0-25 Users Free
26-50 Users $30.00 + 99.95 one time set up fee
51-100 Users $55.00 + 99.95 one time set up fee
101-200 Users $100.00 + 99.95 one time set up fee

Own License
201-400 Users $150.00 +99 one time set up fee
401-600 Users $200.00 +99 one time set up fee
601-800 Users $250.00 +99 one time set up fee
801-10,000 Users $300.00 +99 one time set up fee

*Additional pricing available for more than 10,000 customers per request

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