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Our Background

iBoomerang.com, Inc. was founded in 2003 by a group of internet sales professionals that were looking for ways to make their jobs easier and more profitable.

With that vision, iBoomerang pioneered several unique technologies, known in the industry as strategic marketing tools. These tools efficiently and securely gather, transform, and present marketing materials to potential prospects and clients. What's more, iBoomerang is automated and enables users to interact with their clients in powerful new ways never demonstrated before.

With internet access to numerous areas of business, iBoomerang is building a great clientele basis by providing excellent customer service.

iBoomerang solutions are helping insurance agents, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and many more to accelerate online marketing and increase profitability by adding deeper levels of personalization, convenience, and utility to their online products and service offerings.

World-Class Clientele

iBoomerang is the trusted leader in offering internet-powered sales tools to the business industry. These tools are in use by hundreds of clients, including the world's top business institutions and companies.

Why use these sales tools? Recent studies have shown that online marketing and automated processing of sales will increase profitability.

Studies have also shown that the average business institution has experienced retention rates 7% higher for online marketing customers versus customers not utilizing automated online services.

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Our Investors

iBoomerang is backed by an elite group of business firms and corporate partners such as Internet Marketing Solutions, Inc.

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